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Latex Chlorination

​​​​​​​Kinky Diapers latex garments can be ordered with an additional chlorination.
This special surface coating
make the latex diaper pants more resistant to creams and oils.
Therefore, o
ur rubber pants are very suitable for people suffering from skin irritations in the upper thigh area.

With the surface coating process, the surface of the latex is sealed. The rubber pants get a smooth, silky surface and won't stick to itself anymore. Moreover, the typical smell and rustling of the latex is reduced. 
The material is care-free, and less sensitive to staining.

​​​​​​​The s
urface coatings is used to immobilize incorporated proteins, which may cause allergic reaction by skin contact. 
This is why our products are also suitable for people with a latex allergy. However, we recommend to request a surface treated material sample in order to test allergic reactions and avoid any risks.

Due to the surface coating, the docking points for radicals, which can damage the latex are mostly eliminated. 
​​​​​​​This prevents an oxidation of the material,
 and increases the longevity of the rubber pants by a multiple.

Disadvantages of the surface treatment:
Bonding and repairing is virtually impossible.

People who love the typical smell of natural latex may be disappointed.
​​​​​​​Due to the changed surface it takes a while until the familiar smell of the latex returns. Likewise, the haptic of the latex changed. The material appears to be firmer, stiffer, and becomes softer by prolonged wearing.