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Bloomers were regarded as a contribution to the reform of women's clothing in the 19th century. Nevertheless, these over the knee gathered trousers enjoy continued popularity. We offer different models, which you can order in many colours. You will find Bloomers with frills, different leg ends or with a bib. We also offer you a Bloomers with 20'' crotch width, or if you like, pants that reach under your arms. Let us know your waist and thigh circumference on the way to the checkout. Enter your measurements in the field provided on the order summary page. 

Colours which are currently not available: Royal Blue, Pewter, Fuchsia, 

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Frilled Latex Bloomers
Latex Bloomers with ruffles
From: €91.00
Rubber Bloomers
Rubber Bloomers, gathered above the knees
From: €82.00
Latex Bloomers "NS"
Leak proof latex rubber bloomers
From: €82.00
Super High Cut Latex Bloomers
Bloomers fitting high under your arms
High Cut Latex Bloomers
Latex bloomers fitting high on the the waist.
From: €83.00
Wide Crotch Latex Bloomers
Crotch width is 20 cm / 8''
From: €83.00